Welcome to Stafford Press

About Us

Stafford Press has been serving the trades since 1990 manufacturing custom labels and tags, for use with hundreds of different applications. Over the years we have earned an excellent reputation as one of the top suppliers on the West Coast. The strength of our reputation comes from the many different factors that makes Stafford Press stand out from other manufacturers. Our reliability to exceed the customer's expectation in color consistency and quality. Our technical support team that can solve your problems with face stocks, adhesives or adverse or difficult applications. Stafford Press also boasts a complete design team to assist in product development design. We can work with you on your project from the conceptual state to the final production.

Stafford Press is not concerned with the size of your order (short, medium, or long). What we are concerned with is that you walk away with a high quality label or tag that reflects the quality of your product. We offer quality work and professional service for distributors, and the trades. We invite you to browse our products page' here you will see the wide variety of pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive material that we have manufactured.

Dave Long

founder of Stafford Press